The Healthiest Mushrooms to Maintain Longevity

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Most of the people nowadays have several burning questions in their mind about the mushroom. Which one is the best choice? Which one is the healthiest? Which one contains more nutrients? This post will answer these questions. You can buy the best mushrooms from super markets and even several farmers, and mushroom growers sell mushrooms through online site. You can buy shrooms online Canada, if you live in the North America because from this “buy shrooms Canada”, you will get the healthiest mushrooms at a reasonable price.

Mushrooms are basically a species of fungi which produces the most effective antibiotics and even can eliminate some viral attacks. It has been scientifically proved that along with increasing the longevity, mushrooms can boost the immune system and can supply a bunch of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is a great source for Vitamin D. Another recent study has proved that mushrooms are rich in antioxidants and almost each of the species can produce the strongest antioxidants. Mushrooms help us to get a healthy digestive system. Here is the best, nutrient rich and healthiest mushrooms:

  1. Porcini

Porcini, a species of the mushroom is quite large in size. Only the cap can reach 12 inches in diameter. Porcini is very popular in the Italian cuisine and it represents varieties among which reddish-brown colored mushrooms are common. This species of the mushroom provides fruits from summer to fall, and you will get them from any super markets. Even you can order these mushrooms from online markets like “buy shrooms Canada.”.

  1. Oyster

It is the most popular and common mushrooms which are easy to cultivate and easy to harvest. These mushrooms basically grow on decaying woods and there is an anise-like smell comes from them. These mushrooms take little roundworms along with bacteria. The color of these mushrooms depends on the varieties. It can be green, pink or yellow in color.

  1. Maitake

Maitake mushrooms have a fascinating potentiality to fight the cancer cells. You can find multi-caps in these mushrooms. The caps arrive from a single stem which is quite thick and can grow very large. The color of the caps can range from brown to white and when you will cook it, the mushroom will become semi-firm. It lowers the cholesterol level and also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

  1. Shiitake

Shiitake is one of the best species of mushrooms which are used to maintain longevity. This mushroom is popular across the Asian countries due to the several health benefits and medicinal properties. It has several functions and can be eaten cooked or raw. You can find these impressive species on the decaying woods. Farmers nowadays cultivate shiitake on their land as these mushrooms can beget a lot of money to them.

  1. Lions Mane

Are you depressed? Are you not in the mood? Then, this mushroom can help you to improve your mood along with your memory. It has a lot of medicinal properties and is an edible one. Besides, this mushroom has amazingly neuroprotective powers. The antioxidants that these mushrooms contain can effectively fight the inflammation in the body. Even, doctors often suggest takimg these mushrooms to overcome the problem of anxieties and depressions.

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