Mushrooms and Your Beauty

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Untreated mushrooms, which have dominated traditional oriental medicine for millennia, are today referred to as “magical” functional foods – and in the beautiful alleys, mushrooms invade in large quantities. You can get mushrooms from “mushrooms Canada.” To know about the benefits of mushrooms, click here.

They have long been an integral part of Asian beauty products and now mushrooms adapt to the worldwide skincare, cosmetic and hair care lines to unfold their unique powers as super moisturizers and antioxidants repairing skin cells, collagen enhancers, and toners.

The Chaga Mushroom is a natural anti-oxidant, the anti-inflammatory compound of zinc and melanin that helps repair skin cells and eliminate the free radicals responsible for wrinkles. It is known that Chinese Cordyceps produce the cellular energy necessary for the protective barrier of the skin. and Tremella mushrooms are valued for their deep antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

There are too many mushroom-enriched beauty products to call them:

.Dr. Andrew Weil’s ‘Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Collection’ mixes Chaga, Reishi and more.

, Korean beauty companies pioneered the use of fungi as a skin elixir. Tremella extract is included in k-beauty brands like Earth’s Recipe Lotions and Potions.

The products of make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury use shiitake mushrooms in their ingredient “Fermiprotect”, which is contained in products such as Magic Foundation.

Kerstin Florian Lightening Facial Treatment contains a large number of Chinese mushrooms to combat inflammation and hyperpigmentation of the skin.

The hair care is fed with mushrooms like ANUVA Reishi Toning Shampoo or Beauty 4 Ashes Maitake Healthy Hair Growth Shampoo.

And there is a whole “mushroom collection” by Prana Spaceuticals.

While medical evidence shows that a variety of “normal” mushrooms are magical for health, a new variety of mushrooms (whether antioxidant, Chaga or Tremella) are infused into more beauty products.

Forecast of the future:

Mycelium, the network of invisible roots for fungi, is the oldest and largest organism on earth and a kind of intelligence that lives under our feet. Far too few people understand the extraordinary potential of mushrooms because their story is just being told.

Many attempts to protect the mushrooms continue to be carried out on so many fronts. The designers even make organic mushroom-based clothing and work on how mushrooms can create the light and biodegradable home of the future. Mushrooms Canada can help you to find beneficial mushrooms.

The trend is fueled by growing evidence that a whole host of mushrooms are magical to health. Thus, an explosion of mushrooms (from reishi to cordyceps) is transformed into a variety of functional foods and beverages. And a new wealth of mushrooms, be it antioxidants, Chaga or Tremella will continue to contain other beauty products.

We assume that mushrooms will not be a superfood or beauty trend of the day. There are many activities, such as Beauty Shroom, Moon Juice’s latest and newest skincare collection, rich in adaptogenic mushrooms and full of varieties such as silver ear mushroom and reishi.

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